Best Sewing Machine Brand

Industrial Sewing Machines and Their History

Industrial production has gone through rapid changes since its inception. Every element introduced in its path has led to creation of exceptional results in the history. Every invention made has molded its path and changed the entire scenario in this field. From the Industrial Revolution till the present age, it has seen constant innovation with entry of newer technologies and advancement. Be it the steam engine to the bullet trains the industry has seen it all.

Best Sewing Machine Brand

History of the Industrial Sewing Machine

Among the entire introduction made, there was the invention of sewing machine as well. It did bring a small but drastic change in the production process. Earlier sewing was limited to a household activity of women but with the entry of sewing machine it led to the creation of newer opportunities that was left untapped for centuries. It led to the emergence of separate industry the sewing industry.

Unlike a regular domestic sewing machine, industrial sewing machines are larger in size & faster in performance. These vary in terms of size, look, cost and tasks. These have the ability to perform tasks for longer hours than the usual domestic machines. Moreover they are made up of large motor parts capable of performing specified tasks. The parts used in the assembling of these machineries are mostly generic in nature. This implies that similar components are used in the production of this machinery and companies can easily switch between brands. This holds true for even minute components and sewing motors used in the assembling of such machinery. The industrial sewing machine has come quite a long way.

Best Sewing Machine Brand

Sewing Machine Reviews

Various companies are working in this field of developing sewing machines for commercial purpose. There are a number of sewing machine brands on the market. To name a few would include Singer, Janome, Juki, Reliable etc. These Companies have made tremendous contribution in this field. You can also go online and read more about these machines via sewing machine reviews. The Companies have introduced excellent products that perform really well. Among various sites dealing on this matter, one such site reveals the top 6 machines available for sewing for commercial purposes. Which makes it a great commercial sewing machine. In top position is a model developed by Swinger (CG590). This machine boats features like automatic needle threaded, top drop-in bobbin, automatic 4 step buttonhole and drop feed for free motion sewing. It is powered by a powerful motor, enclosed in a solid interior frame.

Other entries include machines developed by Janome (HD1000), Juki (MO-6714S), Singer (4423) and Singer (191D-30). Janome (HD1000) comes with 14 built in switches and is a commercial grade sewing machine. Juki (MO-6714S) on the other hand is a 2 needle, 4-thread, industrial overlock sewing machine. It performs at a high speed with extreme reliability and consistency. Singer (4423) includes a powerful commercial grade sewing machine motor. The company claims that the machine can sew almost anything. The machine is capable of 1100 stitches per minute.

Thus we see that like every other industry sewing industry has also seen massive developments. With such efficient and dedicated companies working in this field, the industry is surely to reach greater heights in the near future. Constant innovation and development is going to change the production figures of these industries soon.