Sewing Needle Threader

The Best Automatic Sewing Machines

Sewing Needle Threader

Put away your sewing needles, ladies, there is a new sheriff in town and her name is the automatic sewing machine. There is no need to get out those needles and deal with the painful agony that comes with poking yourself with a needle a hundred times. This is not only a time-saver, but a finger and hand-saver as well. It gets your project done fast and with ease. There is no other way to put it. Here are some of the best automatic sewing machines on the market and how you can have your own personal needle threader in a matter of minutes.

Singer 2277 Tradition Sewing Machine w/Automatic Needle Threader

Singer has created a high quality sewing machine that gives you the gift of time. They have made it easy for you to adjust the length and width of your stitch so you can create seams that are strong and do not bunch on fabric. You can create a button hole in a split second and create 23 different stitches that are already built into the machine. It has a metal frame that is heavy-duty and durable which gives you years of use. It comes with adjustable tension and a variety of other accessories.

Sewing Needle Threader

Brother CS6000i Automatic Sewing Machine

If you are in the market for a versatile sewing machine that is packed full of value, then look no further than this amazing Automatic Sewing Machine made by Brother. This is the perfect automatic machine for just about any stitching or quilting project you could come up with. If you need help with the process of threading a sewing machine, there is a bilingual user manual that is included with the package. It is resistant to jams and makes it easy for you to drop in your bobbin and go. There is even a compartment for storing some extra sewing supplies.

Sewing Machine Needles

One important thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing a new automatic sewing machine is that all of them require different types of sewing machine needles. Every make and model has a different needle requirement and may even require you to purchase various sizes. The good news is, there are a lot of different sewing machine needle sizes and brands to choose from. Just make sure that you look at the box before you make your purchase you are sure to pick out the right needles next time you have to make a purchase. You can purchase needles at for reasonable prices.

Regardless of what type of project you are working on, an automatic sewing machine makes it much easier to complete it. There are various different types of sewing machines of every size, style, and brand, so you will never run out of options. It helps to read customer reviews online before deciding on your machine and make sure that you have accommodating space in your home.